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Experience the Power of Pluralism
at Hartford Seminary

At Hartford Seminary, we welcome students and faculty from around the world with diverse backgrounds and religious perspectives. We offer a unique environment where Christians, Muslims and Jews, as well as other spiritually minded individuals, come together to deepen their religious understanding.

Our faculty includes world-renowned scholars and teachers, powerful preachers, creative thinkers, compassionate mentors, community organizers, and spiritual pioneers. We are here to help with the discernment process and to provide a flexible, supportive environment for the next generation of religious leaders.

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With our fully online study options, you can access Hartford Seminary classes from anywhere in the world.
"Hartford Seminary is the 'gold standard' in educating adults to become equipped to grapple with the realities of our complex, divisive society and world."
- Sherie Roberts
MA in Transformative Leadership and Spirituality, '19

Did you know:

One in five US adults were raised in interfaith homes*

At Hartford Seminary we encourage students to engage in conversation with those of other faiths, as they deepen their own.

*Source: Pew Research Center, 2016

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