Community Prayer at Hartford Seminary

Heidi Hadsell, President of Hartford Seminary, and Daraneee Waraseth, a student, led a community prayer service in the Chapel. Participating in the service was Ezekiel Babagario, also a student.

Daranee delivered the reflection. To read the reflection, click here

Please enjoy these photos.

The ceremony opened with a hymn.

Daranee Waraseth, an International Peacemaking Program student from Thailand, delivers the reflection.

Listening are Professors Benjamin K. Watts and Uriah Kim and Mary Coleman, a student in the International Ph.D. program who helps coordinate the program.

Left to right, Daranee Waraneth, Benjamin K. Watts, Jonathan Lee, Uriah Kim, Janine Hewitt and Nancy Wood. Behind Janine is Mary Coleman.

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