Jacky Manuputty, Seminary Alumnus, Honored for Peacemaking Work in Indonesia

On October 11, theTanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding awarded the Rev. JackyManuputty, a Master of Arts and International Peacemaking Program graduate from Indonesia,its Peacemakers in Action award to recognize his peacemaking efforts. Announcement

Seminary President Heidi Hadsell attended the award ceremony andevening of conversation in New York City. She is pictured at left with Manuputty.

While in New York, Manuputty also participatedin two public eventsat New York University andat Church Center for the United Nations.

Manuputty has helped form Peace Provocateurs to use social media to combat religious conflict between Christians and Muslims in Indonesia.

?If provocateurs could use the new technology to incite violence, we could use it to undermine their incitement,”saysManuputty, a Protestant minister.

Manuputty and othersdispatch volunteers to any location in a matter of minutes to check the credibility of disturbing claims.They then send the facts to the leadership, who double check the details with other witnesses and craftmessages to set the record straight before preparations for revenge attacks canpick up steam. Full Story

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