Former President Barbara Brown Zikmund Donates Framed Qur’an Manuscripts

Former Hartford Seminary President Barbara Brown Zikmund visited the Seminary on Monday, February 25 to donate a framed set of photographs of the Qur’an.

When Zimundwas president of theSeminary in the 1990s, Professor Wilhelm Bijlefeld, former director of the Macdonald Center for the Study of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations, took photos ofmanuscripts held by the Seminary. In 1994, the Seminarypublished a full color book, The Illuminated Manuscripts of Hartford Seminary, whichreproduced photos and information about Armenianand Qur?anic manuscripts.

Zikmund had fourphotos of Qur’anic manuscripts framed. On Monday, she presented this artwork to the Seminary, to hang in the Macdonald Center, which is located in the Martin and Aviva Budd Interfaith Building on the Seminary campus.

Thegift depictsbeautiful treasures from theSeminary archives and isframed in a way thathighlights the beauty of Islamic art.

Zikmund made the presentation of the gift at a lunch attended by Uriah Kim, Academic Dean and Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible,left, and Timur Yuskaev, Assistant Professor of Contemporary Islam and director of the Islamic Chaplaincy Program, right.

Details of the gift-

Framed photographsof Qur?anic manuscripts,held by Hartford Seminary

All are found in The Illuminated Manuscripts of Hartford Seminary: The Art of Christian-Muslim Relations published in 1994

Upper right p. 65

Surat al-Fathah ?The Opening? 1151/1738-9

Upper left p. 69

Surat al-Fathah ?The Opening? 1182/1768-9

Lower right p. 11

Surat al-Fathah ?The Opening? 1238/1823-4

Lower left p. 68

Surat al-Fathah ?The Opening? 1086/1675-6

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