Study Global Ethics in Houston, TX, with President Hadsell

Hartford Seminary is offering a special one-weekcourse on Global Ethics in April in Houston, TX.

President Heidi Hadsell, Professor of Social Ethics, will teach the course. It will be held from Monday, April 8 through Friday, April 12, 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., at the Institute for Interfaith Dialog at the Turquoise Center in Houston.

The course will look at Jewish, Christian and Muslim ideas of community and universality in light of our global situation. It considers what universalist ethics look like when not based on religious assumptions, and examines what such ethics have to offer religious moral discourse.

The course also will consider a moral argument towards a way of being in the world that both maintains and moves beyond our own particularities. Questions of environmental responsibilities and economic justice as they relate to these perspectives will be explored.

The course is open to the public and may be taken for graduate-level credit or audit.

One required book for the course is by Kwame Appiah, Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of Strangers.

Readings also will be assigned from these books:

  • Mohammed Abu-Nimer, Nonviolence and Peace Building in Islam: Theory and Practice;
  • Marc Gopin, To Make the Earth Whole: The Art of Citizen Diplomacy in an Age of Religious Militancy
  • M. Fetullah Gulen, Toward a Global Civilization of Love & Tolerance
  • Mehran Kamrava, ed., The New Voices of Islam: Rethinking Politics and Modernity
  • Lewis S. Mudge, The Gift of Responsibility: The Promise of Dialogue Among Christians, Jews and Muslims
  • Rebecca Todd Peters, In Search of the Good Life: The Ethics of Globalization
  • Tariq Ramadan, Radical Reform: Islamic Ethics and Liberation
  • Peter Singer, One World: The Ethics of Globalization
  • William M. Sullivan and Will Kymlicka, eds, The Globalization of Ethics
  • Martin D. Yaffe, ed., Judaism and Environmental Ethics
  • Fareed Zakaria, The Post-American World; Release 2.0

To register, click here. Please complete the form and return it with appropriate payment to:
Registrar’s Office
Hartford Seminary
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Hartford, CT 06105

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