President Heidi Hadsell Speaks on Christian Ethics at Conference in Iran

President Heidi Hadsell presented a paper on Protestant ethics and lectured at several classes of male and female scholars during a recent trip to Iran.

Hadsell attended theEsra International Foundation for Revealed Science?s International Conference on Ethics and Religions in Qom, Iran, where she delivered the paper.

She also met with students at the Imam Khomeini Education and Research Institute in Qom, Iran, and withDr. Mohammad Ali Shomali, head of the Department of Religions at the Imam Khomeini Education and Research Institute.Dr. Shomali has been a Visiting Scholar at Hartford Seminary and has facilitated students coming to the Seminary to study.

Pictured below are President Hadsell with Dr. Shomali and his wife Professor Mahnaz Shomali, a class of students with her, andGrand Ayatollah Abdullah Javadi Amoli,a leading theologian and interpreter of the Qur?an, speaking at the conference.


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