Amy Chan Wolsdorf ?69 Scholarship Fund for Women Established

Amy Chan Wolsdorf ?69 Scholarship Fund for Women Established at Hartford Seminary

Hartford Seminary alumna Amy Chan Wolsdorf, M.A. ?69 has established an endowed scholarship fund at Hartford Seminary to benefit female students coming to the Seminary to prepare for careers as Christian educators or ministers.

?I had nothing when I came to study in the U.S., but I had help from a Hartford Seminary scholarship and many kind people along the way. Now I feel I must share what I have accumulated with others,? Amy relates. She used these words to explain why she has created an endowed fund at Hartford Seminary. The income from this fund will be used to provide scholarship support for Christian female students at Hartford Seminary.

?We are so grateful that one of our alumna has chosen to make it possible for other women to receive the gift of learning at Hartford Seminary,? said Hartford Seminary President Heidi Hadsell. ?Amy benefited from her time at Hartford Seminary which prepared her for a career as a thoughtful Christian educator. We are blessed that she has chosen to provide similar opportunities for women coming to Hartford Seminary in this generation.?

Mrs. Wolsdorf, who was born and educated in Hong Kong, spoke with gratitude about her experience at Hartford Seminary. The memory of that time and being the recipient of financial support has stayed with her over the years. Mrs. Wolsdorf explained that she attended Hong Kong Chinese University after high school, also through scholarships. She attributes her career choice to the profound influence of an English and religion teacher in high school named Lucille Hartman, who was a missionary associated with the United Church of Christ.

Like her mentor, Mrs. Wolsdorf became interested in teaching religion, which she first practiced when hired by her former high school. While there, she continued to work with Ms. Hartman, who suggested that Amy consider continuing her training at Hartford Seminary. Ms. Hartman helped her former student obtain a scholarship to attend the Seminary. Both thought that the multicultural and interfaith aspects of Hartford Seminary would be very beneficial for Mrs. Wolsdorf, who to this day attests to the accuracy of that prediction.

Following her graduation from Hartford Seminary, Mrs. Wolsdorf pursued a career in religious education. She worked as a Christian Education director first for three years in Oregon, then for four years in Ohio before her marriage to Carl Wolsdorf. Following his death, she made her permanent home in Washington State. There she has been involved with a UCC congregation and devotes time to volunteer with an AIDS organization. She also acquired skill with computers and developed a new talent for stock market investment.

Mrs. Wolsdorf believes strongly in sharing her good fortune. ?So now I am giving back to Hartford Seminary, which gave me the opportunity for new learning through their scholarship. I hope to make a difference in the lives of other women, who hope to come to Hartford Seminary, by making this scholarship available. I will always remember the Seminary?s compassion and generosity.?

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