Prof. Michot at Conference on Islamic Jurisprudence

At the invitation of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Sultanate of Oman, Prof. Yahya Michot participated in the 12th International Conference on the Evolution of Islamic Jurisprudence held in Muscat on 6-9 April 2013. The general theme of the Conference was the jurisprudence of living together (fiqh al-ta?‰yush). Prof. Michot delivered a paper titled al-Muslim al-muw‰?in f” l-duwal ghayr al-isl‰miyya (The Muslim Citizen in Non-Islamic States). On April 8, he gave a class on Duncan Black Macdonald: the Missionary Orientalist to the American students currently studying in Muscat at Al-Am‰na Centre, the partner institution of Hartford Seminary in Oman. During the conference, Prof. Michot also had the opportunity to speak in detail about Hartford Seminary during two programs he recorded in Arabic with Cordoba International TV, Madrid (Spain), and Iqraa TV Channel, Jeddah (Saudi Arabia).

The speakers of the session in which Prof. Michot gave his paper (?Um‰n newspaper, April 8, 2013, p. 12. The title reads: ?The sciences of Islamic jurisprudence confirm that to live together is a definitive humanistic command.?)

Left: Prof. Michot with the Zayd” scholar ?Abd All‰h b. ?amžd al-?Izz” (Yemen), Ayatollah A?mad Moballigh” (Iran) and the Mufti of Istanbul, Prof. Rahmi Yaran. Right: At Al-Am‰na Centre, with some American students currently studying in Oman.

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