Kate Callahan Performs at Hartford Seminary

Singer-songwriter Kate Callahan and her band Echo Joy performed at Hartford Seminary on Oct. 17 to an enthusiastic crowd. 

Callahan, recently named Singer-Songwriter of the Year at the Connecticut Music Awards, played her best-known songs, a few covers and debuted several new pieces. She also talked about her spiritual journey as a songwriter and performer, and how her band came up with the name Echo Joy.

Kate Callahan has opened for folk legend Judy Collins and shared the stage with folk-rock artists Rachael Sage and Regina Spektor.

Kate's new album Two Doors explores themes of spirituality, relationship, reincarnation and creativity. Music critic Steve Metcalf compares her early work to "what the young Leonard Cohen might have sounded like had he been a woman and a little more harmonically adventuresome." WNPR host Colin McEnroe said of her: "Kate Callahan is the only performer I've ever seen who occasionally seems to be channeling something vaster and far more ancient than herself, something more easily understood by Emerson than by any modern person." 


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