Prof. Timur Yuskaev Featured on CT-N Program

At the invitation of host and media personality Diane Smith, Prof. Timur Yuskaev appeared as a panelist in a “Live at the Old State House” program on Nov. 12, 2013. Viewthe entire program at this link.

The topic was “Japanese Internment – National Safety vs. Civil Rights,” and Prof. Yuskaevspoke about the parallels to how different religious groups, including Muslims, have been treated in the U.S.

Featured on the program was Prof. Cathy J. Schlund-Vials, director of the Asian American Studies Institute at the University of Connecticut, who spoke about Japanese Interment. In describing her talk, Prof. Schlund-Vials said: “Acknowledged as a “dark moment” in U.S. history, the Japanese American Internment (1942-1946) remains a potent reminder of racialized wartime anxiety. Notwithstanding the passage of more than seven decades, the Japanese American Internment is – with regard to “War on Terror” discussions about civil liberties – still relevant. As this presentation underscores, the xenophobic politics that brought the internment into being were by no means limited to the immediacy of war. Nor did the threat to civil liberties end with the internment.”

The third panelist was Hope Metcalf, director of the Arthur Liman Public Interest Program at Yale Law School.

The program will be aired on the CT-N network. Click here for a schedule or online access to the taping.

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