M.T. Winter and Yahya Michot Named to Top 100 List

TheologyDegreesOnline.com features Prof. Miriam Therese Winter and Prof. Yahya Michot in an article titled “100 Remarkable Professors and Scholars Theology Students Should Know About.” 

The publication targets “current or soon-to-be students in theology programs “including many who hope to become professors of theology.”

“We hope that they will find inspiration and motivation in the careers of the remarkable scholars included in this article,” said Mary Thompson, Content Editor. “We think these scholars set an excellent example for the next generation of theologians, which reflects positively on your university and on the field of theology as a whole.”

The article says the list was compiled in no specific order. “The professors and scholars mentioned here have not only contributed to the body of theological knowledge with their research, but they have also contributed to the preparation of a new generation of theologians. Each of these individuals can serve as a remarkable role model for current theology students who aim to become educators.”


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