Hartford Seminary Receives Maximum 10-Year Accreditation

Hartford Seminary has received the maximum 10-year accreditation by its two accrediting associations, the New England Associations of Schools & Colleges (NEASC) and the Association of Theological Schools (ATS).

Representatives from both NEASC and ATS visited Hartford Seminary in the fall of 2013 to conduct a site visit and to interview staff, faculty members, students, and trustees. This spring, both NEASC and ATS confirmed that Hartford Seminary’s accreditation will be extended until 2023.

“The Commission commends Hartford Seminary for a comprehensive and candid self-study,” the NEASC report states. “We concur with the assessment of the visiting team that the Seminary’s mission is clear, well articulated, and fully embraced by members of the campus community. … As demonstrated through the self-study and verified by the team, the faculty are appropriate in number, dedicated, scholarly, and committed to teaching, research and advising students. The Seminary is to be commended for achieving its diversity goals through a variety of unique programs, including certificates in Islamic Chaplaincy, Black Ministries and Hispanic Ministries, and the Applied Spirituality program offered through the Women’s Leadership Institute.”

While the accreditation was extended without notations, the Seminary was asked to submit several interim reports addressing issues such as institutional planning and the assessment of both student outcomes and the quality of academic programs.

Preparing for the accreditation process required an extensive self study, which the Seminary conducted over the last two years.


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