Seminary Issues Statement on Mideast Conflict

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Because Hartford Seminary is an academic community dedicated to the study and practice of Christianity, Islam and Judaism, many have in recent weeks wondered where Hartford Seminary stands on the conflict between Israel and Gaza.

Hartford Seminary is an educational institution and as such does not take political stands. We are diverse religiously and also in many other ways, and certainly there is a large range of opinions about many things among our students and faculty.  But  as a diverse community of many faiths, Hartford Seminary recognizes that we are all beloved children of God. As a community committed to the teaching and learning of the practice of dialogue and other peace- promoting skills,  and to robust and honest relations between peoples of different faiths, Hartford Seminary prays for a diplomatic process that leads to a just peace.

Hartford Seminary is with the international peacemakers it has trained and with peacemakers everywhere in whatever walk of life they are found, be they Muslim or Jewish or Christian, and with any and all who have the courage to seek to save lives and build peaceful relationships.

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