1,000 Paper Cranes for World Peace Day

Colorful paper cranes are beginning to dot windowsills, counters and desks at Hartford Seminary as part of a project to create 1,000 of the origami creations before World Peace Day on Nov. 17.

Cranes are symbols of longevity in Japan, and there is a tradition that if 1,000 origami cranes are created, the maker is granted a wish.  The Seminary community’s wish is for world peace. The cranes will be displayed in our mostly white and glass Richard Meier designed building, the perfect backdrop.

The crane project has already elicited offers of help from as far away as Indiana. Students and staff from Indiana University East plan to make cranes and ship them to Connecticut. For information on how to help, contact Susan Schoenberger at sschoenberger@hartsem.edu or Melissa O’Brien at mobrien@hartsem.edu. For instructions on how to make your own cranes, click here.

Origami cranes 2014 005

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