Exploring the Trinity with Prof. Paul Lim and Prof. Najib Awad

On October 8th, 2014 at 7:00 p.m., Prof. Najib Awad and guest Prof. Paul Lim from Vanderbilt University presented a discussion Exploring the Trinity in the Hartford Seminary Meeting Room.

The event, which Hartford Seminary Dean Dr. Uriah Kim described as a “two for one deal on the topic of three in one” during his introduction, began with Dr. Lim presenting on his book Mystery Unveiled: The Crisis of the Trinity in Early Modern England. Dr. Lim’s discussion centered around three themes as they relate to the trinity: exegesis, tradition, and politics. Through these themes, Dr. Lim considered the history of debate and clashes between Trinitarians (those who subscribe to the doctrine of the Trinity) and Anti-Trinitarians (those who do not). Dr. Lim also shared his personal interests in Christianity and research.

Dr. Awad’s discussion was related to his book Persons in Relation: An Essay on the Trinity and Ontology, which was released this past spring. Prof. Awad’s book is unique in that it is not simply a work on the doctrine of the trinity, but rather “an exploration by means of the trinity.” Prof. Awad examined the concepts of personhood and rationality, two themes that are prominent within the doctrine of the trinity.

This was followed by a discussion between the two lecturers and the audience. To watch/listen to the entire lecture, please see the media below.

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