Prof. David Roozen Co-Edits Book on How Congregations Are Successfully Engaging New Generations

A new book co-edited by Prof. David Roozen, How Religious Congregations are Engaging Young Adults in America, is now available on Amazon.

As described in the Faith Communities Today (FACT) newsletter: “The book includes case studies of religious congregations that have established a track record of getting young adults involved, data from the largest survey of American congregations and an excellent summary of other recent research on young adults. This information was gathered by the multi-faith coalition of researchers that sponsor Faith Communities Today (FACT).

“The volume begins with survey data showing that only 16 percent of local congregations in the nation attract a significant number of young adults. It includes ten case studies of congregations which provide a detailed look at what these groups are actually doing to get young adults to participate. These case studies draw from mainline and evangelical Protestant churches, a Catholic parish, an Orthodox church, a Jewish synagogue, Baha’i and Latter-Day Saints groups. Among the Protestant churches represented are an historically African American congregation and an Assembly of God. The book includes chapters summarizing related research and extracting a list of specific “best practices” based on the case studies. The book also includes an introduction, totaling thirteen chapters altogether.

“Edited by Monte Sahlin and David Roozen, the executive secretary and chairman of CCSP respectively, the chapter authors represent a wide range of religions and include several young adult writers. They were brought together by the Cooperative Congregational Studies Partnership (CCSP) which has worked together in the FACT ongoing series of studies of congregations since the late 1990s.

“Entitled How Religious Congregations are Engaging Young Adults in America, the book is 262 pages and is available in paperback and as an eBook through”

Direct link to the listing on Amazon.

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