Hartford Seminary Adds Ph.D. to its Degree Offerings

For more than a century, the Macdonald Center for the Study of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations has embodied Harford Seminary’s commitment to the study of Islam and Christianity and the complex relationship between the two religions throughout history.

As an extension of that commitment, the Seminary will offer a Ph.D. in Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations beginning this fall. The Ph.D. will continue the Seminary’s long legacy of educating experts in Christian-Muslim relations at a time when such expertise has become increasingly important.

It will provide advanced study in the knowledge and practical application of Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim relations and train scholars who will be experts in this area. We envision that graduates of this program will further the mission and purpose of Hartford Seminary as professors at institutions of higher education, independent scholars and experts in Christian-Muslim relations, and as leaders or directors of organizations involved in interfaith work.

The learning objectives of this program include:

  • comprehensive knowledge in Christian-Muslim relations, theologies of interreligious engagement, or interfaith dialogue
  • competence to produce and engage in original research and writing to advance the scholarship on Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations for the benefit of faith communities, academy, and society
  • competence to teach this area in religious communities and academia
  • skills and knowledge to inspire and encourage students to do autonomous projects that will advance the understanding of Christian-Muslim Relations in religious communities and academia

The Ph.D. program seeks from around the globe who know about the reputation of Hartford Seminary’s long-standing work on Christian-Muslim relations and are interested specifically in Christian-Muslim relations.

For information  about the program, please visit this link on our website.

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