Hartford Seminary Partners with Boston University for Cooperative Master of Divinity Program

Hartford Seminary has an exciting new partner for its Cooperative Master of Divinity program: Boston University’s School of Theology.

The Seminary’s agreement with BU means that students can start their Master of Divinity degree at Hartford Seminary, taking advantage of its rich, multifaith environment, then, if accepted, transfer up to 36 credits to BU’s School of Theology to complete the M.Div. The Seminary’s other partner in the cooperative program is Yale Divinity School.

Bryan P. Stone, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at BU’s School of Theology, said BU’s program is designed for “maximum flexibility.”

“The curriculum is structured around the process of exploring the knowledge, skills, and practices of religious leadership, including interdisciplinary reflection on the contexts, theologies, and historical experiences that shape that leadership,” he said. “Recognizing that religious leadership takes place in a variety of vocational arenas, the curriculum is built around five distinct tracks: pastoral ministry, chaplaincy, global and community engagement, church and the arts, and religion and the academy. Hartford students may select a track upon entering the program or they may complete the M.Div. in an ‘open format.'”

Prof. Shanell T. Smith, who directs the Cooperative M.Div. Program at Hartford Seminary, describes the two-part program as an opportunity to “listen for God’s voice.”

“I am dedicated to working with our faculty, staff, and partnering schools to help our students succeed in their academic pursuits,” she said. “Even more important are the one-on-one conversations we have with our students, asking them the essential questions throughout their discerning process.”

For more information about how the Cooperative M.Div. program works, visit this link.

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