In Trust Magazine Article on Teaching Islam Leads with Hartford Seminary

A feature article in In Trust magazine, published by the In Trust Center for Theological Schools, looks at the study of Islam within Christian seminaries. In it, Hartford Seminary gets the lead anecdote and the closing quote, making it clear that we are the leaders in a growing field of endeavor.

The article begins, “The summer session at Hartford Seminary usually begins after graduation in May, continues through June and wraps up before the July 4 holiday. Not this year. To accommodate Muslim students observing Ramadan from June 5 through July 5, Hartford added a second summer session in July and squeeze in a two-week seminar on “Women and Gender in Islam” in May, before the Muslim holy month began.”

Both President Heidi Hadsell and Trustee Umar Moghul are quoted throughout the article, and one of the three photos with the piece shows Muslim students in our library.

The entire article may be viewed online here.

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