New Summer Class: Introduction to Islam for Non-Muslims

A new course will be offered on four consecutive Saturdays in June to introduce non-Muslims to the beliefs and practices of Islam and to local religious communities.

This course is meant as an introduction for those curious about Islam and Muslim communities, beliefs, practices, scriptures, and Muslim organizations in the Greater Hartford area.  It is designed to address the significant need for basic information about Islam in the present context.

Through a combination of lectures, readings, experiences and activities, the instructors will cover Muslim beliefs and practices, issues faced by Muslims living in the United States, the vital roles that women play in Muslim communities, and current interfaith efforts.

Teaching this summer will be Timur Yuskaev, Associate Professor of Contemporary Islam and Co-Director of the Islamic Chaplaincy Program, as well as Aida Mansoor, an alumna of Hartford Seminary who is past President of the Muslim Coalition of Connecticut.

For more information, including a preliminary syllabus, and to register, click here or call the admissions office at 860-509-9549. This course can be taken for credit or audit.

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