Cooperative M.Div. Adds Another Partner School: Chicago Theological Seminary Online

Hartford Seminary is pleased to add a fully online option to the schools that partner with its Cooperative Master of Divinity program. Chicago Theological Seminary Online is now a choice for Hartford Seminary students who want to earn an M.Div.

The Seminary’s agreement with CTS means that students can start their Master of Divinity degree at Hartford Seminary, taking advantage of its rich, multifaith environment, then, if accepted, transfer up to 36 credits to finish the degree at CTS online. The Seminary’s other partners in the cooperative program are Yale Divinity School, Boston University School of Theology and Drew Theological School.

“For more than 160 years, Chicago Theological Seminary has pushed at the boundaries of theological education to make faith relevant and transform society towards greater justice and mercy,” said Ken Stone, CTS’s Academic Dean and Professor of Bible, Culture, and Hermeneutics. “CTS educates students from more than thirty Christian traditions and several non-Christian traditions, including Judaism and Islam.  Our Master of Divinity degree combines critical reflection and constructive theology with real life, contextual application. We are excited to welcome Hartford students into our learning community.”

The online option is especially welcome because it means that Hartford Seminary students can finish the degree at an accredited institution from wherever they live.

“We are excited about this new partnership with CTS!” Dr. Shanell T. Smith, who directs the Cooperative M.Div. program at Hartford Seminary, said. “Students can now take seminary classes in-person at our interfaith institution and then have the flexibility to complete their M.Div. wherever they have an internet connection! CTS made that possible.”

For more information about how the Cooperative M.Div. program works, visit this link.

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