Allison Norton Joins Seminary as Visiting Assistant Professor of World Christianity and Religious Studies

Our new post-doc Allison Norton arrived on campus this summer. She spoke recently with us about the work she will do.

What brought you to Hartford Seminary?

I have a strong interest and educational background in migration and religion. This focus, in conjunction with my post-doctoral work with The Louisville Institute, provided me the opportunity to pursue this postdoc where I will be working and researching for the Hartford Institute [for Religion Research] and Hartford Seminary alongside Academic Dean Scott Thumma.

What led to your interest in working for the Seminary?

Hartford Seminary is a unique place for exploring interfaith dynamics and engaging in sociological research that is connected to congregational religious life and the changing American religious landscape. Part of my work with the Hartford Institute will be to maintain the institute’s mission, while also contributing to the development of new directions reflecting the current religious landscape. I’m also looking forward to teaching courses related to inter-generational faith transmission, religion and migration, and African religions.

As the Visiting Assistant Professor of World Christianity and Religious Studies, what do you hope students will learn from your spring semester class?

The goal for is to help students to understand and appreciate the rich diversity of religious history in the United States, with particular attention to New England, the role of migration, and the way world religions are both local and global.

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