President Heidi Hadsell Heads to India for Conference

President Heidi Hadsell will speak on a panel at a conference in New Delhi, India. The conference topic is Children-Violence-Peace: Building Cohesive Societies in Multicultural Contexts.

The August 10 event will address the issue of children in a globalized world and the challenges of “a world that is increasingly in the grip of religious fundamentalism and extremism, negative stereotypes and fear of the other.”

President Hadsell will participate in a panel that addresses the role of and participation of children in fostering cohesive societies from the perspective of education in formal and non-formal settings.

This interfaith ethics education program is sponsored by Arigatou International/All for Children and by Shanti Ashram. It aims to encourage the reimagining and reinventing of today’s education systems to “respond to the multiple ethical challenges of societies, as also to the globalized nature of our daily interactions and lives.”

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