Peacemaker Profile: Fatima Hallal of Lebanon

Our 2017-18 class of International Peacemaking Program fellows includes nine students, four from the U.S. and five from other countries. We asked each one of them the same set of questions.

Q. Briefly tell us about your educational background

A. I recently finished my BA in political science and international affairs at the Lebanese American University in Beirut.

Q. How did you learn about Hartford Seminary’s International Peacemaking Program?

A. I was nominated by a Lebanese NGO named Adyan that works on inter-religious dialogue and management of diversity. I have been a volunteer with in their youth network for three years.

Q. Why are you interested in learning about peacemaking?

A. Because in time of humanitarian crises like today, war and refugee crises, we need peace studies and the culture of peace more than ever.

Q. How do you hope to use your skills after a year of training as a peacemaker?

A. Hopefully I will complete my higher education (master’s) in peace making, social justice or conflict resolution.

Q. Tell us a little about your home country and the interreligious conflict it faces.

A. My home country Lebanon is located in a region torn by wars. Although we have a huge diversity, still the repercussions of the civil war are affecting many aspects of peoples’ lives on daily basis, especially in their relations with each other.

Q. Give us a quick description of your home life (family, where you live, etc.)

A. I came from a town in South Lebanon that is religiously and sectarianly homogeneous. I am the only girl and the eldest among two other brothers.

Q. Hartford Seminary is using the phrase “We Were Built for This Time” to address the deep divisions in our country and across the world. What does that mean to you?

A. It means that the seminary is needed today more than ever. For its programs and its education are a must in a world full of xenophobia.

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