Hartford Seminary Receives $50,000 Grant in Support of Library Project

The H.A. Vance Foundation has awarded a $50,000 grant to help fund the modernization of the Hartford Seminary Library Archives and Special Collections.

The project involves conducting an inventory of the original materials held by the Seminary and, eventually, creating a web presence to provide access to information about the collections.

Director of Library Services Ann Crawford had this to say about news of the grant: “We are so grateful to the Vance Foundation because this funding will help us make our unique archival collections more available to scholars around the world.”

The project is expected to take place in two phases, according to the grant proposal.

“The initial phase will be to assess and prioritize these important materials, while also creating the infrastructure necessary for ongoing modern archival functions. Using that as a foundation, we can move into a second phase of making our collections more visible to researchers around the globe via enhanced online description and preservation and digitization of high priority items.”


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