Global Sisters Report Features Professor Miriam Therese Winter’s U.N. Talk

The Global Sisters Report covered this year’s 63rd United National Conference on Women with a particular focus on the words of Professor Miriam Therese Winter, who led a conference event called “Transformative Spirituality: Living in and through the Spirit.”

The event was included in 10 days of “negotiations, panel discussions, ministerial roundtables, 300 side events hosted by the member states, and 400 parallel events by civil society at various venues,” according to the Global Sisters Report.

In describing Professor Winter’s event, the Global Sisters Report said:

“She took us to a new consciousness, digging deep into the evolution of the universe and its 15 billion years of history, and showing how we are all connected.

“She mesmerized the audience with her mystical poems and spoke of a spirituality in a quantum universe where chaos is not negative, but an essential element along with consciousness, connection, coincidence, creativity, celebration, relativity, uncertainty, complementarity, synchronicity, change, continuity, relationship, wholeness and transformation — all integral and exciting parts of the quantum universe.

“Her book Paradoxology blends science and spirituality to see whole truths that ‘make all things new.’ She tried to help us realize that we people of faith cannot continue to practice our faith in isolation anymore. A quantum universe is telling us that we are all connected, that the God of one is the God of all, that diversity is a blessing, that the suffering of any of Earth’s people or any part of the planet is a desecration to us all.

“The new transformative spiritual direction is as energizing as it is surprising. It encourages us to look at life through a new lens that will help us see more than we have ever seen before.”

For the full article in the Global Sisters Report, visit this link.

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