Hartford Courant Publishes Op-Ed by President Lohr

President Joel N. Lohr

President Joel N. Lohr’s op-ed on the Poway synagogue shooting was published in the May 13 edition of the Hartford Courant.

In The Poway Synagogue Shooting Raises Important Questions for Christians, President Lohr discusses an aspect of the shooting, which killed one person and injured three others, that has not received a lot of attention — that the shooter was a church-going Christian.

Read the entire piece at this link.

He says in closing:

“As a Christian, especially a committed one, the Poway synagogue shooting brings out an ugly history for me. It is a real history, one we need to take seriously. It may be too early to draw conclusions about it all, but I can’t help but ask questions — questions as a Christian and as a scholar of Jewish-Christian relations and biblical interpretation.

“If nothing else, I humbly call on my fellow Christians, from conservative to evangelical to mainline, to give all of this heartfelt reflection and honest examination. Some of our denominations have done so, for which I am thankful. But have we done enough? Are we being sufficiently proactive as local faith communities?”



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