2nd Annual Preaching Competition Ends in Two-Way Tie

Two students will split the prize in Hartford Seminary’s 2nd Annual Preaching Competition, held on May 2, 2019.

Six students gave six-to-eight-minute sermons before an audience of faculty, staff, and their peers, as well as a three-person judging panel. The judges were Profession Benjamin Watts, Interim Coordinator of the Islamic Chaplaincy Program Aida Mansoor, and Rabbi Debra Cantor.

The judges praised all the participants — Imam Safwan Shaikh, Enas Ghassal, Lakia Shavon Lightner-Padgett, David Figliuzzi, Olga E. Sanchez-Marano, and Amy Langston — for their inspirational words.

In the end, David Figliuzzi and Imam Safwan Shaikh were declared the two winners.

Watch the entire competition below!

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