Dr. Lucinda Mosher Receives Book Award for Excellence in Indic Studies

Lucinda Mosher, Faculty Associate in Interfaith Studies, has been awarded the 2019 DĀNAM-TakshāShilā Book Award for Excellence in Indic Studies.

During its 17th annual symposium — held Nov. 23, 2019, in San Diego, alongside the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion — the Dharma Academy of North America (DĀNAM), in conjunction with TakshāShilā Institute, presented the DĀNAM-TakshāShilā Book Award for Excellence in Indic Studies: the Rajinder and Jyoti Gandhi Book Award for Excellence in Theology/Philosophy and Critical Reflection 2019 to Vineet Chander (Princeton University) and Lucinda Mosher (Hartford Seminary) for Hindu Approaches to Spiritual Care: Chaplaincy in Theory and Practice.

Mosher’s co-editor, Vineet Chander, who is the Hindu Chaplin and Coordinator of Hindu Life at Princeton University, studied with her at Hartford Seminary in 2016.

Amazon describes Mosher’s book as, “showing how spiritual care is practiced in a variety of different contexts such as healthcare, detention and higher education … this book offers an original and unique resource for Hindu chaplains to understand and practice spiritual care in a way that is authentic to their own tradition and that meets the needs of Hindus.”

Congratulations, Lucinda!

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