Publication Features Yale’s Jummah Led by Imam Omer Bajwa ’10

Imam Omer Bajwa, who earned a Graduate Certificate in Islamic Chalaincy in 2010, was the subject of a recent article that looked at Yale University’s welcoming weekly jummah.

A Daily Nutmeg reporter attended the jummah and wrote about why Yale’s Muslim community encourages all to come.

“In an age of such blatant xenophobia,” Imam Bajwa said, “this is about building bridges and getting to know people.” Non-Muslim neighbors are “always welcome to come and engage with our community… literally just to get to know us,” he said.

Imam Bajwa has been Yale’s Director of Muslim Life since 2008. He is among numerous Hartford Seminary graduates who have gone on to become chaplains and faith leaders in communities and institutions around the world, including many of America’s most prestigious colleges and universities.

The full article can be found here.



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