Hartford Seminary Condemns Antisemitic Attacks in NY, NJ

Following the news of a stabbing attack at a Hanukkah celebration in rabbi’s NY home on Dec. 28, which followed other attacks in NYC and the New Jersey Kosher Market shootings on Dec. 10, President Lohr issued this statement:

We cannot rest. The recent attacks on Jewish people in New Jersey and now New York are painful reminders that antisemitism is not only still with us but growing at an alarming rate. In no uncertain terms we condemn these acts of violence and antisemitism. We stand with our Jewish community and refuse to accept that this is somehow normal. We will continue in our mission to bring hope, healing, and education to a violent, polarized, and broken world. May our loving God protect our Jewish friends and give us the courage to stand up against hate. And may God help us in our mission to educate a new world of leaders and laypeople who will work to overcome religious intolerance and hate.

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