Professor Shanell T. Smith to Be Honored at Morehouse College

Shanell T. Smith, Associate Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins and Director of the Cooperative Master of Divinity Program, will be inducted in March to the 35th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. College of Ministers and Laity at Morehouse College in Atlanta.

Professor Smith will be honored at the annual Collegium of Scholars on March 26, 2020.

The Rev. Dr. King was an alumnus of Morehouse College, and the College of Ministers and Laity was established in his honor more than 30 years ago.

The College of Ministers and Laity is “unique in its juxtaposition of servant-hood, scholarship and leadership as requirements for ministry – whether that ministry is performed through formal religion or any other field of endeavor,” according to the Morehouse website.

The annual Collegium of Scholars “provides a creative learning environment in which clergy and laity from diverse backgrounds, distinct faith traditions, and different generations all come together as students of Dr. King’s philosophies and ethical principles to reflect on their personal calling, foster meaningful relationships with others who are answering their calling, and
develop ideas and strategies for taking their calling to the world.”

Congratulations, Professor Smith!

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