Alum Omer Bajwa Speaks to CNBC and CT Examiner

Imam Omer Bajwa, an alumnus of Hartford Seminary’s Islamic Chaplaincy Program and the Muslim Chaplain at Yale University, was recently interviewed by two media outlets: CNBC and the CT Examiner.

On the CNBC appearance on April 7, available at this link, Imam Bajwa spoke about the efforts religious leaders are making to connect with people and build community online. His message has been that “God is merciful” and that we can all come together to deal with this unpredecented challenge.

He was also interviewed for the article in the CT Examiner published April 24 titled Friday Marks Start of Ramadan for Muslims Across Coastline Connecticut.

“This will be the most unique Ramadan of our lifetimes because none of us have lived through this and we hope that we don’t have to again,” he told the newspaper.

He also spoke about the impact of the shutdown on the usual practices of Ramadan, such as giving out boxed meals instead of having large charitable meals for community members.

He also had a hopeful message about this year’s unusual Ramadan.

“Isn’t there something to be said to prayer at home with my family? And to do that regularly over the course of the month: to pray and reflect and meditate at home? To think about who I am, what’s my place in the world, and what I am doing?” he said. “These are deeper questions that Ramadan is supposed to be asking us.”

Great work, Omer!



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