Lucinda Mosher Talks Solitude and Hermits on WNPR Show

Lucinda Mosher, Faculty Associate in Interfaith Studies, was one of three guests on WNPR’s Colin McEnroe Show on Wednesday, April 15. The topic was “On Solitude and Hermits.”

Dr. Mosher spoke about some famous Christian hermits, including Julian of Norwich (1342-1416), who is best known for her book The Revelations of Divine Love. The book is thought to be the first written by a woman in English.

Julian of Norwich survived a plague and people would come to the cell where she lived for her counsel, Dr. Mosher said, adding that some of Julian of Norwich’s writings would be studied in an online summer course she is teaching called Interfaith Leadership in Times of Crisis.

Other guests on the show included:

  • Stephen Batchelor, a Buddhist teacher and writer. He’s the author of several books including Buddhism Without Beliefs: A Contemporary Guide To Awakening and most recently, The Art of Solitude. He’s the co-founder of Bodhi College. 
  • Karen Karper Fredette, who lived as a hermit for six years in a cabin in West Virginia. She’s the author of several books including, Consider the Ravens: On Contemporary Hermit Life. She and her husband Paul run Raven’s Bread Ministries

To listen to a podcast of the show, visit this link.




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