Professor Scott Thumma Writes about Religious Response to Pandemic

Photo of Professor Scott Thumma

Scott Thumma, Professor of Sociology of Religion, has written an article for The Congregational Resource Guide called “Tracking the Religious Response to the Pandemic.”

In it, Professor Thumma provides some themes and trends emerging from 20 studies that have been done by denominational groups and research organizations studying the response to the pandemic in real time. The Faith Communities Today (FACT) collaborative project is archiving these research efforts.

In his article, Professor Thumma identifies four distinct phases: Lost and Reaction Phase, Hardship but Hopeful Phase, Resilient Stability and/or Expectations of Resurrection Phase, and Exhaustion and Uncertainty Phase.

With no clear end in sight, the religious response to the pandemic continues. Check the FACT site regularly for new research as the impact continues to be assessed and reported.

For the full article on The Congregational Resource Guide website, visit this link.

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