Hartford Seminary Recognizes Eid Ghadir, Important Shia Holiday

As home to the first academic chair in Shia Studies in North America, the Hartford Seminary gladly announces the recognition of Eid Ghadir on its calendar. Eid Ghadir 2020 starts on the evening of Friday, Aug. 7, and runs until the evening of Saturday, Aug. 8.

This is the most significant specifically Shia annual celebration, commemorating Prophet Muhammad’s last sermon on his way back to Medina from Pilgrimage in 631.

Professor Hossein Kamaly, holder of the Imam Ali Chair in Shia Studies, welcomes this recognition hoping that it will help galvanize efforts in building a strong foundation for dialogue among Islamic schools of thought under the broader ethos of fostering interfaith and intra-faith understanding and cooperation at the Hartford Seminary.


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