The Porch Magazine Adds the Rev. Dr. Donna Schaper as Columnist

Photo of Donna Schaper

The Rev. Dr. Donna Schaper, Faculty Associate in Religious Leadership, is The Porch Magazine’s newest columnist under the moniker The Dolly Mama.

The Rev. Dr. Schaper explains in her name as she answers a question in her first column:

Who Is The Dolly Mama?

The Dolly Mama is a spiritual version of Dear Abby.  Her intention is to combine the irreverence of Dolly Parton with the surrender and non-attachment beloved by Buddhists. She wants to let go of what can’t be fixed – in either self or others – and fix what can by applying the balm of humor.  

She is a spiritual handyperson, a soul mechanic, a repairer of broken appliances. Every now and then the combination of letting go and hanging on achieves sufficient balance for an improvement in spiritual posture, stronger spine, and personal peace. The Dolly Mama is not her day job.  By day, she works as an ordained United Church of Christ and American Baptist pastor of a regular, if edgy, congregation.

Read more at this link.

Congrats, Dolly Mama!

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