Hartford Seminary Supports #ScholarStrike to Address Racism, Injustice

Hartford Seminary faculty canceled academic meetings and evening synchronous classes on Tuesday and Wednesday, the opening days of school, to participate in the nationwide #ScholarStrike focusing on “the urgent importance of addressing racism and injustice in the United States.”

Scholar Anthea Butler called for the strike last week in a tweet to call attention to “the racial climate in America, and the rash of police shootings and racialized violence.” 

Early Tuesday, Academic Dean David D. Grafton sent a message to all staff and faculty stating that two meetings would be canceled to support colleagues participating in the #ScholarStrike, which is also supported by the American Academy of Religion. Faculty who canceled classes were urged to do teach-ins or share resources. Dr. Bilal Ansari, Faculty Associate in Muslim Pastoral Theology, helped lead a teach-in about the struggle for justice in Williamstown, MA, on Tuesday evening.

“We must do what we can to speak and act, in whatever little way possible,” Dean Grafton said.

#Scholar Strike is described as “both an action, and a teach-in.” Scholars across the country plan to refrain from their usual duties to “participate in actions designed to raise awareness of and prompt action against racism, policing, mass incarceration and other symptoms of racism’s toll in America.”

President Joel N. Lohr indicated his strong support for the strike, saying: “If not now, when? And if not us, who?”

For more information about the strike and for educational resources, visit this link.

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