Dr. Najib George Awad Has Two New Books Published

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Najib George Awad, Professor of Christian Theology & Eastern Christian Thought, has two new books out this fall, one in Arabic and one in English.

The Arabic language book is a monograph titled The Archaeologies of Understanding, the Historiologies of Meaning: Studies on Culture, Religion and Politics. It is published by the Arab Institute for Research and Publication in Amman/Beirut.

The second book, to be released in November, is After-Mission, Beyond Evangelicalism: The Indigenous ‘Injīliyyūn’ in the Arab-Muslim Context of Syria-Lebanon. Published by Brill, the monograph considers three main questions:

  • The first question is about self-perception and identity-formation strategies, and the various views that we have on the Protestants’ relation to their Arab Muslim Middle Eastern context.
  • The second question, about the theological dimension, asks what kind of a theological discourse do the Protestants need to develop, and how do they need to re-form their own theological heritage, in such a manner that will allow them to heal the historical enmity and suspicion towards them from the Eastern Orthodox Christian community in the region?
  • The third question touches on the Protestants’ future in the Arab Muslim Middle East by viewing this inquiry from a broader perspective that is related to all the Middle Eastern Christian communities’ presence and role in the Muslim-majority context.

Congratulations, Najib!

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