A Pandemic Can’t Stop Dr. Miriam Therese Winter’s Toy Drive

For many years, Emerita Professor Miriam Therese Winter has filled the lobby at 77 Sherman St. with hundreds of toys for area children who might not otherwise receive anything for Christmas. It was a project near to her heart and to the hearts of the many students, alumni, staff, and faculty who helped organize and contributed to the project.

While this year presented a whole set of new challenges, the “Where Love Is Christmas Gift-Giving Ministry” went on and hundreds of children will benefit.

Dr. Winter was able to set up a different staging area at another building on campus, 76 Sherman.

Social service workers normally come in to “shop” for their clients, loading toys and gift items into giant plastic bags. This year, Dr. Winter and her volunteers received the wish lists and packaged up the toys for each recipient.

The toys were collected this week at appointed times and at safe distances. Social service workers will deliver them to their clients before Christmas.

Amazing work, MT!














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