Special Muslim World Issue Has Historic Cover, Illustrations

The Muslim World journal is pleased to announce the publication of the special issue, “Black Muslim Portraiture in the Modern Atlantic,” edited by Zain Abdullah, an award-winning scholar, arts curator and Associate Professor of Religion & Society and Islamic Studies at Temple University.

In over 100 years of the journal’s history, this is the only issue of The Muslim World with a unique cover and all illustrations (over 60) in color.

“Black Muslim Portraiture in the Modern Atlantic” looks unique because its contribution is at once groundbreaking and long-lasting. Focusing on the seventeenth to the twenty-first century artistic depictions of Muslims of African descent, this collection of articles places in conversation specialists from divergent fields who together, in Abdullah’s words, “provide the nuance necessary for thinking broadly and creatively about how Muslims throughout the ages and across societies, political systems, and cultural terrains strategize in ways that address their textured humanity.”





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