Three New Degree Programs Will Launch in Fall 2021

Reinvention is a hallmark of Hartford Seminary, so it’s no surprise that this institution founded in the early 19th century has once again embarked on a quest to redefine its future.

After a yearlong strategic planning process, Hartford Seminary’s Board of Trustees adopted a new Strategic Vision in March 2020.

By 2025, Hartford Seminary will be the nation’s leading resource for interreligious education, research, and peace studies, providing cutting-edge research and immersive learning opportunities that enable leaders and institutions to thrive in a religiously complex world.

Soon after that approval, our faculty developed three new degree programs that streamline Hartford Seminary’s offerings and align them anew with emerging academic and professional standards. In late 2020, these new degrees were accredited by The Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada and are pending review by The New England Commission on Higher Education.

We are proud to announce that applications will be accepted to the following degrees for Fall 2021:

  • Master of Arts in Interreligious Studies, which capitalizes on Hartford Seminary’s history and expertise in this specialized area. Students may also select to specialize in two other areas: Ministerial Studies for those who would like to pursue ministry and go on to complete a Master of Divinity at one of our partner schools through our Cooperative MDiv, or Islamic Studies.
  • Master of Arts in Chaplaincy, which expands on our history-making Islamic Chaplaincy Program, opening it up to people of all faiths, while maintaining an option to specialize in Islamic Chaplaincy. Students will learn the critical skills necessary for a profession in chaplaincy.
  • Master of Arts in International Peacebuilding, which builds on our one-of-a-kind International Peacemaking Program and allows scholarship recipients to complete this full-time, cohort-based, professional MA in 12 months.

Please visit the links above for more details on applying for these degrees, or contact our Admissions Office at or 860-509-9549.

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