Dr. Lucinda Mosher Edits ‘A World of Inequalities: Christian and Muslim Perspectives’

As the rapporteur of the Building Bridges Seminar and coeditor
of seven previous volumes generated by that dialogue, Lucinda Mosher was the logical person to edit the 8th volume in the prestigious series.

Dr. Mosher, Faculty Associate in Interfaith Studies, has been involved in this long-running Christian-Muslim dialogue effort since almost its start in 2002.

In A World of Inequalities: Christian and Muslim Perspectives,
fifteen leading Christian and Muslim scholars respond to
the global crisis of inequality by demanding and modeling
interreligious dialogue.

This volume is described as taking “an intersectional
approach, examining aspects of global inequality including
gender, race and ethnicity, caste and social class, economic
and sociopolitical disparities, and slavery. Essays explore the
roots of these realities, how they are treated in Christian and
Muslim traditions and texts, and how the two faiths can work
together to address inequality. A World of Inequalities brings
readers into the conversation, inviting them to engage in a similar
dialogue by offering pairs of essays alongside texts for close reading.
Scholars, religious leaders, and students of theology and theological
ethics will find this a useful resource to address this pressing issue.”

Contributors include:

Ovamir Anjum | Jonathan Brown | Sunil Caleb | C. Rosalee
Velloso Ewell | Christopher M. Hays | David Hollenbach, SJ | Leslie J. Hoppe,
OFM | Samia Huq | Sherman A. Jackson | Lucinda Mosher | François
Pazisnewende Kaboré, SJ | Azza Karam | Elizabeth Phillips | Abdullah Saeed

Congratulations, Lucinda!

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