CT Mirror Publishes President Lohr’s Op-Ed on the Blessings of Ramadan for Non-Muslims

President Joel N. Lohr

On the final day of fasting for Ramadan, the CT Mirror has published a piece by President Joel N. Lohr that identifies the blessings he finds in journeying alongside Muslim students, colleagues, and friends as they experience the holy month.

He writes: “Having a busy schedule, I sometimes rise before the sun, and when I look out the window of our home during Ramadan, to the apartment of our Muslim student neighbors, I see their lights on. I presume they are up to pray and take in food and beverage to get through the day. It reminds me of their devotion as I start my own day. I often find myself compelled to pray in that moment, something I confess I don’t do enough of when I wake.”

He cites the example of Jesus and how “if I’m never accused of hanging around with the ‘wrong’ people, like some might view my Muslim friends, I’m not doing Christianity right.”

The piece encourages those of all faiths to express interest in the traditions of their Muslim neighbors and colleagues and develop relationships that will leave them changed.

The piece can be read at this link.

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