Dr. Bilal Ansari to Write Chapter on Muslim Pastoral Theology

Picture of African-American man with friendly smile in Islamic dress

As part of the International Foundation for Muslim Theology’s Templeton Funded multi-year project on Divine Communication and Revelation: A Muslim Theological Perspective, Dr. Bilal Ansari will be writing a chapter for a planned volume with multiple authors on his scholarship around Muslim Pastoral Theology.

His chapter will answer this question:

How are our prophetic figures to be understood as sources of pastoral theology and practical wisdom? More saliently, what impact does the doctrine of prophetic infallibility have on the pastoral dynamic? Is prophetic infallibility pertinent only to the communication of the Divine message, or does it also pertain to the actadicta and behaviors of the prophets in what is technically their non-prophetic capacity, namely, as ordinary – but impeccable – human beings?

Looking forward to reading it, Bilal!


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