In Observance of Eid Ghadir

The Hartford Seminary, a leading international institution in interfaith studies which is home to the first endowed academic chair in Shi’a Studies in the United States, observes Eid Ghadir on its annual calendar.

This holiday commemorates the final Ḥajj Pilgrimage of Prophet Muḥammad and the important sermon which the Prophet delivered at Ghadir Khumm.

The Imam Ali Chair for Shi’a Studies and Dialogue among Muslim Schools of Thought at the Hartford Seminary extends felicitations and best wishes to all Muslims, including Shi’as of various schools, on the blessed occasion of Eid Ghadir.

As the last feast of the Islamic lunar calendar, Shi’a Muslms celebrate Eid Ghadir globally – from Iran and Iraq to Lebanon and Nigeria, from India and Pakistan to Australia, as well as in Europe and North America. This is a time to recognize the centrality of walāya (Divine Authority) in Muslim thought and practice. In the words of the Quran, “Thus, all authority belongs to God alone, the Truth. He is best in rewarding, and best in requiting.” (sūra al-Kahf 18: 44).



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