Dr. Lucinda Mosher Contributes Essay to Calligraphy Exhibition

Dr. Lucinda Mosher, Faculty Associate in Interfaith Studies, has contributed an essay to an online calligraphy exhibition called Visual Music: Calligraphy & Sacred Texts offered by the Henry Luce III Center for the Arts and Religion at Wesley Theological Seminary.

Dr. Mosher’s essay is on Christian Liturgy and the Music of the Page. The link to access the essay is here. 

As curator Jonathan Homrighausen, a former research assistant of Dr. Mosher’s, describes the calligraphy in the exhibition: “Each of these fifteen pieces, all by living artists, is a calligraphic interpretation of a text sacred to Jews, Christians, or both. Each artist has pondered their chosen text, explored it inside and outside, and provided their own rendition of it—their own ‘translation’ into visual form.”


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