Qur’ān Recitation/Tajwīd II (AM-551)

This course is designed for Muslim leaders, chaplains and anyone who is interested in learning/improving the Qur’ānic recitation. Students will gain important knowledge on recitation of the Qur’ān. In this course, the instructor will continue focusing on the correct pronunciation of Arabic letters and words with consistent application of tajwīd rules. Once students understand and are comfortable with the application of the tajwīd rules s/he can complete recitation of the entire mushaf at a better and faster pace more independently, in sha Allah.

This is the second phase of the Qur’ān Recitation/Tajwīd course. In the spring semester, we will be continuing tajwīd lessons and reading Qur’ān. The first part of the class will be teaching tajwīd rules and the second part is for group tilāwah – teacher reads aloud and students repeat after the teacher. There will be time for listening to the students’ recitation, as well.

If you are not enrolled in a degree program but wish to register for this course, use the Online Registration for Special Students and Auditors.




Spring 2021

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