Hany Shokralla

Hany Shokralla

Hany Shokralla

Give us a brief description of your background (home country, family, education, etc.)

I’m working in the Diocese of Egypt as a Press and Public Relations Manager. I’m responsible for building bridges on behalf of the Diocese with other religious institutions and organizations.

What got you interested in interfaith dialogue and the program at Hartford Seminary?

Hartford Seminary became the first nondenominational theological institution in North America, and I think it will be a great privilege for anyone to study there.

Living and learning openly in an international faith community can be challenging, but the rewards are enormous. By not being open, we deprive ourselves of the spiritual guidance needed to live our lives honestly, and we deprive others of the opportunity to truly get to know us. By living openly we contribute to a stronger sense of fellowship, which in turn enables us to grow spiritually in communion with others without hiding an essential part of who we are.

Briefly describe the conflicts that you would like to address at home after your year at Hartford Seminary.

Due to my daily life living in a Muslim dominant society where Christians are a minority and Anglican Christians are a minority within the Christian minority, I face a lot of challenges and opportunities to reflect the image and teachings of Jesus Christ to the people around me.  Daily I interact with Christians and Muslims and try to encourage a spirit of mutual understanding, in addition to showing respect to the other’s opinion and practice.

I hope to be able to contribute more to the Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt after this year in Hartford, especially I will return back fully equipped with education, experience and a network.

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