Praxis Update 2019

To ensure that you are properly recognized in our upcoming annual report, Praxis January 2019, please check your name as listed on our Honor Roll of Donors 2017-18 below. If your listing is correct, no action is necessary. If your listing is incorrect, please fill out the form and we will make the necessary changes.

If you prefer to speak to someone at The Seminary’s Development office about your listing, please contact Steven Havira: or (860) 509-9520.

Changes for Honor Roll of Donors 2017-18 listing in Praxis 2019 are due by Thursday, November 1, 2018.

Praxis Honor Roll 2017-18 Correction Form

Fill this out if your listing is incorrect below.


President’s Circle ($5000 +)
Dr. Abubaker Al Shingieti
Mr. Martin and Mrs. Aviva Budd
Ms. Mary Catherine Bunting
Frank and Ruth Butler
Mr. David E. A. and Mrs. Sara Carson
Mr. William and Ms. Ann Cronin
Dr. John and Mrs. Lynn Fulkerson
H.A. Vance Foundation
Dr. Heidi Hadsell, Ph.D.
Mr. Stillman and Mrs. Mary Knight
Mr. John B. Lindner
Mr. Hugh and Mrs. Kate McLean
Ms. Gertrude J. Prior
Prior Family Foundation
Ms. Cindy Richter
Ms. Nancy and Mr. Stephen Roberts
Ms. Annelieke and Peter Schauer
Mr. Edmund and Mrs. Ellen See
The Henry Luce Foundation, Inc.
The Ruth Conant Trust Fund
Webster Bank
Leadership Circle ($2,500 – $4,999)
Mrs. Martha and Mr. Robert Adams
Mr. David and Mrs. Janet Ezekiel
The Rev. Mrs. Margaret and The Rev. Mr. Kenneth Thomas
Mr. Eliot and Mrs. Susan Williams
Visionary ($1,000 – $2,499)
Ms. Cynthia Modlin Adams
The Rev. Dr. Ralph and Mrs. Beverly Ahlberg
Ms. Bettsey L. Barhorst
Ms. Sheryll Bedingfield
Mr. Harold and Mrs. Joyce Buckingham
Mr. Sanford and Mrs. Diane Cloud
Community Foundation of Western Mass.
Ms. Marianne Dubuque
First Church of Christ, Congregational – Redding Center
Mr. L. Sidney and Mrs. Elisabeth Garvais
Ms. Julie S. Grace and Mr. Paul Bukowski
Islamic Society of Western Massachusetts
Ms. Christine Joyner
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Susan Kelly
Mrs. Constance and Mr. Michael Koskelowski
Ms. Ilona W. Kwiecien
Ms. Fay and Mr. Richard Levin-Lavoie
Ms. Ann Marino
Mr. Sergio and Mrs. Lora Mazza
The Rev. Dr. William and Mrs. Linda McKinney
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Rose Marie McLoughlin
Dr. Vanda and Mrs. Maria McMurtry
The Rev. Dr. Cynthia and Carolyn Morse
The Rev. Sarah E. Newhall
Dr. Erline and Mr. Alphonso Patrick
Mr. Roy Peche
Mrs. Alexis and Mr. William Popik
Mr. Edward J. Requardt
Mr. James K. Robertson, Jr.
Ms. Amy and Mr. Lewis Robinson
Ms. Christine Sanders
Mr. Scott Schooley and Ms. Giuliana Musilli
Dr. Ali Shakibai, M.D.
Ms. Marilyn Sponzo
Dr. Bruce Stewart
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Joanne Susag
Mr. Ralph and Mrs. Vicky Tate
Dr. Beverly and Mr. Travis Tatum
The Rev. Dr. Barbara and Dr. Joseph Zikmund
Pacesetter ($500 – $999)
The Rev. Ms. Anne S. Alvord
American Baptist Churches of Connecticut
Dr. Mohammad and Mrs. Kaneez Bajwa
Mr. John and Mrs. Laura Berman
Ms. Karen A. Bing
Mr. Courtney B. Bourns and Ms. Anne Lundberg Bourns
The Rev. Mr. Thomas and The Rev. Mrs. Marilyn Breckenridge
The Rev. Ms. Bobbie Chapman
Cuesta Foundation
The Rev. Ms. Marjorie H. Davis
Mrs. Shirley S. Dudley
Professor Alice F. Evans and Robert Evans
Ms. Clare Feldman
First Church in Windsor
Mrs. Harriet and Mr. Phillip Gardner
Mr. Michael F. Gilligan
Ms. Wendy B. Grammas
Ms. Gale E. Grayson
Mr. Mike Hawbecker
Dr. Donald and Mrs. Karen Helm
Imam Yahya Hendi
Mr. Richard M. Howe
Mr. Robert C. Knox III
Mr. Charles M. Kuchenbrod and Ms. Rebecca A. Sielman
Ms. Ilona W. Kwiecien
Mr. Bawa Lengani
Dr. Louise Loomis and Mr. Worth Loomis
Dr. Kathleen D. Moody
The Rev. Mrs. Joyce B. Myers-Brown
National Association of Congregational Christian Churches
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Judith Resnick
Ms. Nina Sakun
Dr. Alwi and Mrs. Ashraf Shihab
The Rev. Ms. Linda M. Spiers
Ms. Laura J. Sweeney
Dr. Scott L. Thumma
Ms. Joanne T. White
Ms. Meg Wischer
Ms. Jean and The Rev. Mr. Robert Young
Investor ($250 – $499)
Aon Corporation
Ms. Barbara A. Bacewicz
The Rev. Dr. Karen and The Rev. Mr. Donald Bailey-Francois
Ms. Margaret and James Carroll
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Alice Cruikshank
Ms. Linda and Mr. John Eaton
Ms. Jane Ellingwood
Fiduciary Investment Advisors
Mr. Kenneth L. Gentili
Mr. Arnold and Mrs. Beverly Greenberg
Mr. Nelson and Mrs. Kirsten Griebel
The Rev. Dr. Charles and Mrs. Kathleen Gross
Ms. Gwen and Ms. Maria Haley
The Rev. Mr. David and Mrs. Georgia Hall
Ms. Anne Hardy
The Rev. Mr. Ernest and Mrs. Millie Harris
The Rev. Mr. David and Mrs. Nancy Hill
Ms. Samira Hussain
Mr. Shariq Iqbal
The Rev. Mr. Glendon C. Jantzi
Ms. Brianna J. Johnston
The Very Rev. Dr. James and Dr. Anne Kowalski
Dr. Christine and Mr. Paul Lohr Sapp
Omar Mahmassami
Ms. Linda Mayo-Perez Williams and Mr. James E. Williams
The Rev. Ms. Carolyn O. Mikels
Ms. Linda Mosley
Dr. Fred F. B. Mudawwar
Mr. Mr. Evan and Mrs. Leah Odden
The Rev. Dr. Anna S. Pearson
The Rev. John E. Post
Mr. Marc and Mrs. Karen Reich
Rocky Hill Congregational Church
Mr. Anthony and The Rev. Ms. Deborah Ruger
Mr. Naseem Shaikh
The Congregation Mishkan Isreal
Mrs. Kittie Vangunten
Ms. Corrine E. Wachtel
The Rev. Mr. Charles and Mrs. Mary West
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Brooke Whittemore
Ms. Dionne L. Williams
Partner ($100 – $249)
Ms. Samsiah Abdul Majid
Aetna Foundation, Inc.
The Rev. Dr. Dean and Mrs. Jennifer Ahlberg
The Rev. Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Nancy Albright
Ms. Patsy Allen
Mrs. Kathleen and Mr. Sherwood Anderson
Ms. Evelyn M. Andre
Mrs. Julie and Mr. Richard Aroian
Ms. Martha M. Baker
Ms. Shawnee C. Baldwin
The Rev. Mr. Gordon and Mrs. Wanda Bates
Ms. Linda K. Beher and Mr. Vito Salvato
Ms. Judith and Mr. Robert Benton
Mr. David and Mrs. Mary Bice
Ms. Linda M. Bieze
Ms. Dolores Black
Mr. James C. and Jane F. Bledsoe
Dr. Marian O. Boehr
Ms. Jo Ann B. Bourquard
Dr. Auburn and Mrs. Ruth Boyers
Ms. Janet and Mr. Matthew Bristow
Ms. Julian J. Brix
Broad Brook Congregational Church
The Rev. Dr. Shirlee M. Bromley
The Rev. Ms. Hazel A. Burnett
The Rev. Stephen and Mrs. Patricia Camp
The Rev. Dr. M. Dosia Carlson
Dr. Jackson and Mrs. Anne Carroll
Ms. Jane and Mr. Paul Charette
Ms. Allison Chisolm and Dr. Peter H. Hansen
Mrs. Elizabeth and Mr. Michael Chosak
The Rev. Mr. Richard and Mrs. Thelma Chun
Church of the Holy Trinity
Columbia Congregational Church
The Rev. Mr. Warren and Mrs. Phyllis Covell
The Rev. Dr. Davida F. Crabtree and Mr. David T. Hindinger
Ms. Ann Crawford
The Rev. Mr. Richard and Mrs. Judith Crocker
Ms. Charlene and Mr. Richard Dann
Mrs. Maribel and Mr. Nafi Donat
Ms. Rosanne Druckman
The Rev. Dr. Edward and Mrs. Lynne Duffy
Ms. Lisa M. Eleck
Mrs. Ruth and Mr. William Farley
The Rev. Dr. Lowell and The Rev. Mrs. Julie Fewster
Ms. Elvira and Mr. Robert Filippone
Ms. Joy M. Floyd
Mr. Karl A. Fransson, Esq.
Mr. James and Mrs. Dianne Friedman
Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Alfreda Gaither
Mr. Richard and Ms. Ann Gallion
The Rev. Father Donald and Debbie Hamer
Mr. Paul J. Hartung
Mrs. Angela and Mr. Frank Hauzeur
The Rev. Ms. Mary N. Hawkes
Ms. Alyce and Dr. David Hild
Ms. Alice Hollingsworth
Ms. Shareda Hosein
Ms. Miriam Hostetter
Ms. Georgette Huie
The Rev. Dr. Norman and Mrs. Faith Jackson
The Rev. Dr. Molly and Mr. Reade James
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Michael Jeter
Tyrene Johnston
Ms. Dawn and Mr. Mark Karlson
The Rev. Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Nancy Kemmerer
Dr. Colleen and Mr. Bilal Keyes
Ms. Shirley Kiefer
Dr. Tukyul and Mrs. Sookyoung Kimm
Mr. Wilson H. Kimnach
Ms. Jeannette E. King
Mr. David Koehler
The Rev. Dr. Mary and Mr. David Larson
Ms. Christina G. Laurie
Dr. Priscilla and Mr. Deacon F. Linehan
Mr. Joseph R. Marfuggi
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Lynn Marino
Mr. William and Mrs. Mary McGurk
The Rev. Mr. J. Alan and Mrs. Joan McLean
The Rev. Mr. Robert and Mrs. Joanne McWaid
The Rev. Ms. Carolyn O. Mikels
Ms. Margaret Mitchell
The Rev. Mr. William and Mrs. Rosalind Moldwin
The Rev. Mr. Gary and Mrs. Lori Mongillo
Imam Dr. Salahuddin and Mrs. Fonda Muhammad
Mr. Robert E. Muller
Mrs. Henrietta J. Near
Ms. Brandy Neff
The Rev. Mr. James and Mrs. Sharon Nelson
Ms. Ann Gail B. Nichols
Noank Baptist Church
Dr. Douglas R. Norell
The Rev. Dr. Marjorie E. Nunes
Mr. John and Mrs. Darlene Oblak
Mr. Francis O’Gorman
The Rev. Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Karen Orth
The Rev. Mr. Joseph L. Pace
Ms. Betty Pagett
Mrs. Carmen and Mr. Harry Pak
The Rev. Mrs. Rose and Mr. Daniel Petronella
Mr. Justin L. Peyton
Pilgrim Way Baptist Church
Dr. Shyamala and Mrs. Krishnan Raman
Ms. Emily W. Rankin
Mr. Larry and Nyla Rasmussen
Ms. Martha Rhine
Dr. V. Bruce and Mrs. Mary Rigdon
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Nancy Rion
The Rev. Mr. Robert and Mrs. Susan Rock
Dr. David and Mrs. Suzanne Roozen
Dr. Peter and Mrs. Pamela Rosa
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Anne Schmalz
The Rev. Mr. J. and Mrs. Beatrice Shepherd
Dr. Jane I. Smith
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Sharon Smith
Mr. Christopher Solimene
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
The Rev. Dr. E. and Mrs. Alinda Stanley
Mr. Jeffrey Stein
Ms. Dorothy and Frank Sterpka
Mr. Michael Sullivan
Mr. Saadat Syed
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Corinna Tamburini
Ken and JoAnne T. Taylor
Mrs. Karen Trepp
Mr. William C. Tubbs
Ms. Abigail Turner
Mrs. Catherine L. Ufford-Chase
The Rev. Dr. Ann Van Cleef
Ms. Betsy and Mr. Peter Van Loon
Dr. Ben and Mrs. Janice Wade
Ms. Alice F. Walker
Mr. Jon and Mrs. Marilyn Webber
The Rev. Dr. Gregory and The Rev. Ms. Amy Welin
Mrs. Amy and Mr. Carl Wolsdorf
The Rev. Mr. Robert and Mrs. Susan Woodward
Mrs. Martha and Mr. Sidney Yules
Mr. Jon Zappulla
The Rev. Dr. Andrew and Joyce Zeman
The Rev. Dr. William and Mrs. Janet Zito




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